Top 5 MUA's You Need To Follow!

We’re inundated with amazing make up artists, bloggers and influencers these days it can be hard to pin point who you really need to be following. We’ve done some of the hard work for you. Here are 5 Top MUAs that you need to follow.


Patrick Ta


Known for his glamorous looks on even more glamorous celebrities (Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigan and Jessica Alba to name a few!), Patrick Ta found his ultimate fame via Instagram. He worked his way up from a MAC artist to basically his own empire when he moved to LA.

His signature looks include statements lips and big eyelashes. Even when he goes off trail for a more natural look, he still makes sure the eyelashes are there fluttering away. Follow him for glitzy inspiration and to keep up to date with the looks that celebrities are currently loving.





Paris born Violette is great to follow for some new colour inspiration. She posts images of colour groups that you can work into your own routine if you’re up for a little experimentation.  She is kind of anti-trend and takes inspiration from what is around her.

Now the new Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director, Violette still works out of her own studio but has another huge platform to share her work on.


Robin Black


Makeup artist, photographer and the founder of Beauty Is Boring, Robin Black is definitely one to follow. From latest releases and beauty news via her online portal ‘Beauty is Boring’ to some mega make up inspiration on her Instagram.

We love how she is super bold with eye makeup yet everything she creates is so wearable.


Priscilla Ono


Priscilla is one of the hottest MUAs around right now. She has recently become the Global Make-up Artist for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and it’s obvious why. He make up looks are fierce, fresh and stylish.

Priscilla’s looks are all about having that serious glow with eyebrows and eyeliner taking centre stage a lot of the time. Plus, her own personal style is totally in point.


Gary Cockerill


The makeover king, Gary Cockerill is a world famous MUA who has worked with the biggest names in the celebrity world. He is the master at turning the clock back makeovers and can create any look effortlessly.

We love Gary because he aims to share his skills and help others improve their own MUA techniques. Which is exactly why we’re delighted to have him host our Liverpool MUA Masterclass in March 2018.



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