Tips on becoming a professional MUA

5 Tips to Help You Become a Professional MUA

Have you noticed the sudden rise in the number of makeup artists on social media? It’s so incredible! These days, online makeup tutorials let anyone and everyone learn the art of makeup whilst staying at home and without spending a fortune. Alongside that, makeup classes have become a norm nowadays, and makeup tutorials are so detailed and easy to understand that even kids are seen swirling their makeup brushes and creating magical looks.

With the awareness regarding makeup spreading like wildfire, people who lack the skill and art of makeup want to look as perfect as the models they see in glossy magazines and Instagram. That’s exactly why there is such competition for any makeup artist who wants to make it big in the MUA game. Because of that, we’ve put together a few tips to help you become a pro MUA. 


  1. Practice is Key

Just taking classes or watching tutorials won’t be enough. You need to implement what you’ve been learning. Practice on yourself and on others. Try your techniques on every kind of skin tone or face shape you can find. Everyone is different and the more you practice the easier you’ll find working on new clients and your confidence will show.


  1. Own the Right Products

To take clients in, you need to be prepared for all the different people and their different demands. You need to have the right kind of products to do the job well. You’ll know the most necessary products such as mascara and blusher, but don’t forget these vital things too -

  • A moisturiser – some MUAs forget that make up starts with a good base so think about skincare as well as the normal primer.
  • A face primer is always needed so don’t forget an eye shadow primer for eyeshades to pop out.
  • Makeup setting sprays (this is a must!)
  • Brush cleaner. If a client can see you’ve got blush cleaner in your kit, it shows that they’re being well looked after. The thought of someone using a brush that’s already been used on 100 other faces without a clean isn’t exactly appealing.


  1. Social Media

If you’re good at what you do, document and upload as many pictures of your work as possible. That way, potential clients will know beforehand what to expect from you. Let your presence be felt on social media, you’ll be surprised at how much business it can drive if you do it well. Plus, sometimes it’s about who you know. Go to events, add them on social media, follow things up! Create relationships. It’s really important in the MUA world.


  1. Initially, Keep The Prices Low

Once you become popular, people will automatically become comfortable spending more money for your services. But to start with, think about building relationships and a portfolio of work.


  1. Take Feedback Seriously

Don’t let a client leave without taking their honest feedback. Ask them to write a review when they get home. Listen to constructive criticism and grow by learning from your mistakes. Remember that nobody’s perfect and there is always room for improvement in everyone. Don’t be offended if someone isn’t a fan of a look you’ve created. It’s all down to taste, but take things on board for future reference.


In order to excel at anything, hard work is just as important as talent. So, keep working hard and you will start to see the results.